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"Pirates, Sea-Hags & Scallywags"
The 1901 DAMNsels & Glam Guest Stars

Come check us out the 3rd Saturday of every month at our new home:
UPTOWN UNDERGROUND - 4707 N. Broadway, Chicago!

The Story of The 1901

The original 1901 Gallery Theatre (1901 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago) was an independent, non-profit art and performance space in Chicago that hosted a variety of artistic and theatrical events since October, 2004. From gallery exhibits featuring live local musicians and artists, theatrical burlesque shows, comedy showcases, alternative craft faires and film screenings, The 1901 morphed from gallery to theatre literally overnight!

 The 1901 has been an ever-expanding entity, far surpassing the initial expectations of holding writing workshops and band rehearsals. The space itself was initially a dilapidated 6-car garage with no insulation, heating or cooling. With a kernel of inspiration, a large personal investment, precise planning and a whole lot of elbow grease, The 1901 was erected from a ghostly shell and hung on tight, hosting hundreds of events, rehearsals and very personal gatherings until its closing in July, 2013.

 The 1901 was different from most entertainment venues, relying 100% on donations from the patrons at our events and money from our own pockets so that we could continue to provide a space for the number of dancers, photographers, sculptors, musicians, painters, writers, designers, directors, actors and artists that called The 1901 their home away from home.

 Our patrons, cast and crew are all truly amazing people that helped create the magical vibe that was and will always be Chicago‘s most awesome little underground gem. 
 We’re ready for the next adventure - are you?


In Our Hearts and Souls &
4707 N. Broadway, Chgo (In The Dark shows)
The 1901 is: 
Miss Vine - Producer & Performer
Guisef Volium - Artist in Residence 
The 1901 DAMNsels 
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